We bring the innovative spirit to the world of manufacturing through the integrity of our people, our products, and our services.

~ Andrew Strzalkowski, President RGM

RGM’s Core Principles


Consistent quality, precision, support and maintenance set RGM apart. From your first order onward, you can reliably expect superior results. Starting with the materials we utilize to the custom engineered machinery and processes we have developed, continuous improvement in every business component differentiates the RGM experience.


Developing and implementing innovative solutions is what establishes the value of RGM with each customer. We challenge one another to seek novel solutions, embrace change, and invest in personal development. This is not limited to materials, or our past, but is driven by new ideas for the future. RGM strives to go beyond the needs of today, delivering the engineered solutions of tomorrow. Our innovative mindset fosters remarkable outcomes.


Customer satisfaction is paramount at RGM. Being focused on customer wants, needs and desires allows us to adapt quickly to maximize value and build lasting partnerships. Being clear, concise, accurate, and precise as we build upon facts, not assumptions allows us to focus on integrity and results. That means commitment to excellence in action, not only words. We are here to serve our valued customers.


Our commitment to excellence requires relentless self-improvement. To us, “GRIT” means taking ownership of adverse situations and delivering results no matter what the circumstances may be. It’s the mindset that product and process knowledge coupled with personal ownership to do the right thing is the only thing to do, building upon the RGM history of integrity.

ISO 9001:2015


260,000 sq.ft.

Mfg. Space

4 Locations

Across the Country

Markets Served


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